Stampin’ Blends Masterclass

Discover the fun of colouring with Stampin’ Blends! I’m thrilled to bring you Stampin’ Blends masterclass, our first class all about how to get fabulous looks for your cards using Stampin’ Blends

  • 35+ instructional videos!
  • For beginner to intermediate students.
  • A PDF with 13 practice images from top stamp companies and designers that everyone in class will be using. You will need to download the PDF and print it out.
  • Full-color PDFs with tips, tricks, and written instructions for you to have on hand.
  • A forum for discussion between students and teachers (Now closed, but archived for your reference. Lots of questions and answers in the forum).
  • A student gallery to show your work! (Now closed, but archived for your reference).
  • A well-paced format teaching you Blends techniques first, and then helping you incorporate them into your card making.
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